Message from the Head Boy

I consider it to be elected as the school Head Boy is a high honor and position in my school life. I know such a students should possess a higher degree of dedication, commitment, experience and intelligence above that of the average student. Liaison between the student and staff, between the school and the community. I also have to represent the school in sporting events against other schools. As school head boy I pledge to show respect and mutual understanding to every student and staff. I will uphold the name and valued traditions of  our school and strive for academic excellence.Everything is possible only with the blessing of God Almighty and with the co-operation and unity of everyone working together we will make our school proud.

Message from the Head Girl

I know I should be a polite and respectful student both to teachers and students and should be well organized. I promise to represent and serve my fellow students and set an example in all aspects of school life. I will adopt an active leadership role within the school and encourage the extension of school spirit and tone. As the Head girl I will uphold loyalty to the school and its tradition and be fully committed to all that the school stands for strives to achieve.