1. Admission is open to all pupils irrespective of caste or creed. As a rule, children are admitted to the L.K.G. Admission to classes other than the pre primary classes is generally restricted to the students from English medium schools only. These admission will be made on the basis of an entrance test and interview.
  2. For classes I onwards no pupil will be admitted to the school without the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  3. The Principal reserves the right of accepting or refusing any child who seeks admission to this school. Application for the registration does not guarantee admission. For admission to L.K.G. a child should be 31/2 year of age as on 31st May of the school year in which admission is sought. For UKG, 41/2 years and class I, 51/2 years of age respectively. At the time of the registration of a pupil a certified copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the Panchayat or the Municipality is to be submitted in the office along with a copy of the Baptism certificate for Christians.
  1. The date of birth, certified to be correct at the time of registration will not be altered on any account at any time.
  2. A pupil’s name may be struck off the School register if he/ she is absent from the school for more than 10 days without the Principal’s prior permission.
  3. For withdrawal of a pupil from the school, at least one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing, otherwise one calendar month’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged.
  4. The school authorities reserve the right to dismiss those pupils from the school whose conduct is found unsatisfactory, whose parents do not co-operate with the school as regard to the education of their wards. For the school alone cannot help a child to grow into an integrated person.